In 2008, Researchers with the International Cooperative Centre for Management brought together co-op developers, practitioners, to work with Ryszard Stocki and use his OpenIndex model to develop a means to measure the application of co-op values and principles in the lived experience of worker co-operatives. This became part of a larger research project to Measure the Co-operative Difference.

The original version morphed into a number of other versions to accommodate flattened hierarchies, consumer co-ops using democratic management through staff collectives, and even unique international co-op models such as those forming in Cuba.

A handbook for the original version is available here.

The survey was originally drafted in English but researchers and developers quickly saw the need to translate it into Spanish, French, Polish, Finnish, and Portuguese.

An analysis of the tool resulted in a second version found that the tool largely measures the presence of human dignity in the workplace. This resulted in adjustments to reduce the number of questions from 173 to a more manageable survey.

The current version (3.0) is being field-tested today. This version has about 63 questions (including demographics) and focuses on the following dimensions:

  • Human Dignity
  • Solidarity with Others
  • Solidarity within Our Co-op
  • Social Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility for Others
  • Fairness
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Business Success
  • Knowledge