About the Co-op Index

Photo by Ian Schneider with creative commons license from Unsplash

What Is It?

The Co-op Index is a values-based assessment tool designed specifically for worker co-operatives and administered by developers trained in its use.

Underlying Assumptions
  1. The condition of the organization is reflected in the convictions and attitudes of the workers and may be revealed through confidential questionnaires.
  2. People want to understand and feel secure within their environment and that they are free regardless of what they are told to do or what they seem to do.
  3. Everyone has the capacity to become a better person, as well as participate in creating an effective values-driven co-operative.
The Basics
  • The Co-op Index measures a co-operative’s organizational effectiveness based on the following:
    • The degree to which its members/employees feel involved and empowered in the management of the organization;
    • The degree to which the co-op adheres to universally recognized co-op principles and values;\The degree to which the co-op adheres to its own mission and values.
  • The Co-op Index is grounded in the theory of Total Participation in Management which predicts that when employees are fully engaged in the management of their organization their productivity, individual motivation, and overall well-being increase, along with the productivity of the organization as a whole.
  • The full Co-op Index tool includes:
    • an online survey to be completed by all members/employees; results are automatically analyzed;
    • a series of one-on-one interviews with selected members and employees, conducted by a specially trained co-operative developer;
    • an independent review of the organization’s guiding documents by the developer;
    • a detailed report, including a series of recommendations based on the developer’s findings, which is presented to the co-op for further discussion and follow-up.